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Bike / Pedestrian Maps

2016 Spokane Regional Bicycle Map
A map of bike routes and facilities throughout Spokane County.

Spokane-Area Recreation Bike Rides
SRTC has divided Spokane into small regions for designated recreational bike ride routes. You can download the maps below, then scroll below the map for written ride directions.

The administrators of this web site cannot be held responsible for any injuries, death, or damages while following these suggested routes. Many routes require on-street riding in traffic lanes while others may include off-road terrain. You should be comfortable riding under all conditions before attempting any of these routes.

Cheney Recreational Ride
Medical Lake Recreational Ride
Newman Lake Recreational Ride
Rockford Recreational Ride
Williams Lake Recreational Ride
Hangman Valley Recreational Ride
Spokane-Area Walking Route Maps

Looking for great places to walk, run or hike in Spokane County? The Spokane Regional Health District developed several walking maps in conjunction with the National Park Service. They are free to download and print.  Click here to view the available maps.

Reported Bicycle and Pedestrian Collision Maps
The number and locations of reported bicycle and pedestrian collisions from 2007 to 2009 in Spokane County. Information courtesy of Washington State Department of Transportation. The maps are a large size and may take several minutes to download.

Reported Bicycle Collisions 2007-2011

Reported Bicycle Collisions 2007-2009- By age

Reported Pedestrian Collisions 2007-2011
Reported Pedestrian Collisions 2007-2009- By age

Reported Bicycle and Pedestrian Collisions 2007-2009
Reported Bicycle and Pedestrian Collisions 2007-2009- By age